Full Property Management Services

The qualified and experienced Property Managers at TCMRentals work closely with owners to ensure the best possible management of your investment. They provide an array of services to best manage your valued investment including advertising, quality tenant selection processes, income collection and arrears, repairs and maintenance, inspections, customer care, accounting, attending tribunal hearings, rent reviews and sales appraisals, some of these services are outlined in detail below:

  • Maximise rental returns - obtained by continuously monitoring market and trends in the region
  • Minimised vacancy - The advertising campaign is commenced as soon as notice of your tenant vacating has been received. Effective marketing, using high quality imagery, descriptive text and advertising on the Australia's number real estate web site www.realestate.com.au ensures direct impact and will determine the minimal vacancy periods you can expect
  • Quality tenants - All prospective tenants undergo a rigorous reference check to assess the suitability and reliability before they are accepted, careful tenant selection is the most crucial factor
  • Systemised routine inspections - our fail safe system ensure that routine inspections are carried out thoroughly and on time, and a full report of all inspections, including photos of your investment, are promptly sent to you. TCMRentals will also liaise with your Body Corporate Manager to ensure the exterior and common areas of your property are well maintained
  • Systemised rent reviews - As we live in a time of constant market change and varying inflation, it is easy for rents to fall behind. At TCMRentals we ensure that your property is individually assessed at time of lease renewal
  • Zero tolerance of arrears - Our vigilant system monitors any arrears on a daily basis, this policy delivers an extraordinary low arrears rate, and ensures that your tenant doesn't take your rent money on holidays with them.
  • Provide a monthly property management statement itemising income and expenditure, and a end of financial year report which makes tax time easy
  • Landlord newsletter - you will receive a newsletter every month, keeping you up to date with market trends, new legislation, and general news relating to investments.

Find me a Tenant - For Self Managing Land Lords

We will perform the following services for you for a once off fee. You can then manage the tenancy yourself.

  • Visit the property and take photos to showcase the property (both internally and externally)
  • List the property on www.realestate.com.au (only available to licensed real estate agents) with full editorial and a range of photos (the more the better!)
  • A weekly report on property views and potential enquiries by email
  • Once formal tenancy applications have been received, we will complete a tenant check through TICA (A national default database, which is only available to licensed real estate agents)
  • Assistance to complete relevant Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) documents for the applicant of your choice.

How Can TCM Rentals Help You Advertise Your Property

TCMRentals' advertising campaigns are the best in the industry, in comparison to other agents. This ensures that your property stands out and is rented as quickly as possible. They utilise Australia's number one real estate site www.realestate.com.au using upwards of 10 high quality images, and a full editorial of your property. They also use cutting edge software, such as Real Estate Help and can provide styling and signage solutions to fully showcase the potential of your property.